Fork Sand fork of the Globotron USG v1.0 Hardware Firewall.
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Fork Sand USB Firewall

See this repo for current development:

USB Firewall Fork

Fork Sand fork of the Globotron USG v1.0 Hardware Firewall.

fs-usb-firewall-sm Photo of Fork Sand, Inc. manufactured fork.


See below for upstream README.

The USG is Good, not Bad

The USG is a firewall for your USB ports, protecting your computer from BadUSB. It connects between your computer and your untrusted USB device, isolating the badness and keeping your computer safe.

For more info, hit the Wiki.

v1.0 Firmware

This is the firmware branch for the pre-assembled USG v1.0. If you want to build your own USG out of development boards, clone the v0.9 branch instead.

USG v1.0 hardware

The USG v1.0 is available now from the online store.

Need More Speed?

The USG is performance-limited due to its USB 1 hardware. If you need to transfer large files from flash drives and hard drives, you need the Armadillo instead. Based on the USG's proven open-source technology, the Armadillo is a next-gen device operating at USB 2.0 speed. Available exclusively through the online store.