4 Commits (fork-1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Robert Fisk 190a601f85 Increase JTAG reliability - hold reset active while connecting 4 years ago
Robert Fisk 4234dabd27 Use debugger's SRST to simultaneously reset both micros. 5 years ago
Robert Fisk 56e8b99ae5 Downstream mouse support working! 6 years ago
Robert Fisk a366a425fd Messing with debug configurations again. 6 years ago
robertfisk 1db6ab1272 Tweak OpenOCD readme again... 6 years ago
robertfisk 40bf652845 Tweak OpenOCD readme. 6 years ago
Robert Fisk e94aea019e Moved OpenOCD config to its own folder 6 years ago