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  matth c483920d77 updated finished xd87 setup 9 months ago
  matth f7177c0fe5 fixed quantum.c change 10 months ago
  matth b454e0c17b updaded matt xd87 10 months ago
  matth 3882ceefc1 updaded matt xd87 10 months ago
  matth 7514145ed6 updated matt keymap and hex 10 months ago
  matth 98d4b1e79f updated matt keymap 10 months ago
  matth 1936bf7feb added profile matt to xd87 11 months ago
  fauxpark c27aa60c50 Make the CLI Ψ capital (#6637) 11 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 931e9bdbe4 Decrement EECONFIG magic number 11 months ago
  Yan-Fa Li 5ef7367e6c Wonderland: README (#6613) 11 months ago
  Jorde Vorstenbosch 5c6c556933 [Keymap] default keymap fix for questionmark (redox, redox_w) (#6574) 11 months ago
  Yan-Fa Li d2ce12d15d pegasushoof Specify the bootloader to use :flash (#6614) 11 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre bc86eb2233
Fix Typo in :flash target for missing bootloader (#6615) 11 months ago
  MechMerlin f2d9f912b1 Mars80 Bug: Physical/Electrical Matrix Mismatch (#6612) 11 months ago
  Gabes Mak 0b89809ac4 [Keymap] Redox_w Use layer_state_set_user instead of matrix_scan_user (#6608) 11 months ago
  XScorpion2 957070a6b5 Added OLED Display autoscroll during periods of OLED data inactivity (#6546) 11 months ago
  skullydazed f22c5c17b6
Refactor `qmk compile-json` to `qmk compile` (#6592) 11 months ago
  Ethan Madden c289a4cb20 RGB Inidcator example for new van pcbs (#6544) 11 months ago
  Jonathan Rascher cbe1af47de Add new 60% Tsangan HHKB layout (#6607) 11 months ago
  Yan-Fa Li f6da00b85d [Keyboard] Maartenwut Wonderland PCB (#6492) 11 months ago
  Yan-Fa Li 43b0309970 Add 2015 revision of Pegasus Hoof to QMK (#6595) 11 months ago
  MechMerlin caab1d0303 [Keyboard] New Keyboard: EVE Meteor (#6565) 11 months ago
  Jack Humbert e243afe23e
updates the coc 11 months ago
  Stefano c9c33978ce [Keymap] a keymap to "transform" a jj40 info a simil Alpha28, to enjoy its simplicity and power (#6599) 11 months ago
  Danny 2c8d8be718 [Keyboard] Add JNAO keyboard (#6598) 11 months ago
  Iain King 70329b4fbb [Keymap] ISO keymap for TADA68 with programming in mind (#6597) 11 months ago
  kuchosauronad0 2ef6bbbf5f [Keymap] Update to userspace kuchosauroand0 (#6596) 11 months ago
  Joel Challis 51bcadf38c Add 'bootloadHID' flash target (#5587) 11 months ago
  fauxpark fb7c65dc34 Add Zadig 101 to docs (#6585) 11 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 064d9da93e Add Soft Serial Speed to Diverge3 keyboard config for compatibility (#5076) 11 months ago
  Elias e0f91f37c4 Added 4by3 keyboard (#6547) 11 months ago
  Joel Challis ae44ec9820 Align flashing behaviour of dfu-util (#6578) 11 months ago
  Joel Challis 1c805b3d00
Relocate pca9555 driver to core (#6563) 11 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre a20e6aa022
Reduce compile size to fix various Travis CI errors (#6426) 11 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre b5ee6c200c
Fixup Bootmagic code (#6386) 11 months ago
  Chris Dosé 8a2e328a33 [Keyboard] Fix RGB_TOG cycle for Massdrop CTRL default keymap (#6056) 11 months ago
  madivad 129e4d1b2f [Docs] Update how_keyboards_work.md (#6528) 11 months ago
  fauxpark fcf87370a8 [Keyboard] Update NovelPad (#6559) 11 months ago
  kakunpc 63b96c34ce [Keyboard] new keyboard "angel17" (#6542) 11 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 94efa18c28
[Keyboard] Updates to ZSA boards (#6513) 11 months ago
  Takeshi ISHII 1c5b0cbbeb AVR GPIO macro defines more readable (#5937) 11 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre b62e160a89
Additional changes for Layer State typedef compatibility (#5906) 11 months ago
  Stephen Wanhella d534c72a54 Added keycodes for swapping and unswapping the Control and OS keys (#6110) 11 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 6a79b05cf0
[Keyboard] Tweak RGB Matrix timing for ZSA Boards (#6422) 11 months ago
  fauxpark f2c179de58 Remove superfluous JTAG disable code (#6445) 11 months ago
  imchipwood 977c316eb1 [Keymap] dumbpad updates, new keymap (#6481) 11 months ago
  noroadsleft 367eac2229 [Keyboard] PCB Ruler updates (#6584) 11 months ago
  Sid Carter 5fca6c0120 [Keymap] Add velocikey, move reset and align layout (#6569) 11 months ago
  mikethetiger 42f2ad96a3 [Keymap] mikethetiger's let's split eh? keymap (#6562) 11 months ago
  Ceremony a0f248c20e Implement NUMLOCK indicator light for XD96 (#6581) 11 months ago